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Our Story | Mi Casita Mexican Restaurant | Fort Payne

   Javier y Veronica Rodriguez, somos orginarios de Guadalajara, Jalisco se pude dicer la segunda capital de Mexico. In 1988, we purchased a six unit apartment complex it was a fixer upper, so my husband and I did all the work, rented all units to my family we loved being landlords and my husband also managed a Mexican restaurant. After three years we had a premature baby, so I spent 6 weeks going and coming back from the hospital. Javier, my husband lost his job and we decided to sell the apartment unit. On October 8th, 1992 we opened one of the first Mexican restaurants in Fort Payne known as Mi Casita, now serving delicious Mexican food for more than 23 years.

   Some of the things we like doing together as a family is going on vacation. We look forward to it every year, some customers are surprised that we do not work together but we go on vacation together. We have a family reunion every Thanksgiving Day and with about 100 to 120 relatives that can make it to the reunion, and that’s not even the whole family. Our restaurant has been persistent with the delicious plates and service. One of our goals is to maintain our business for a longer time and pass it down to our children and grandchildren. Our main goal is to keep it as a family business.


   One of the things our business has achieved is that even other restaurants have come and gone and we still stand. Fort Payne used to be known for having the most sock mills and employed thousands of people and after the sock mills transferred overseas. We managed to keep our business running. We expect to continue for as long as God lets us.


   I thank God first of all because, I always tell my children this, “God is the one that has kept this business going and giving my husband and I the strength and patience to continue”. Our customers have been very faithful in coming to eat with us. At first it was parents with their children now it’s with their grandchildren. We see our customers as our friends. Our oldest children; who are now adults, have been helping and being the backbone to the restaurant and running the restaurant. Our oldest Nancy started helping with the family business since the age of nine.


   The Rodriguez family want to thank you all for visiting our website, and now we hope you visit our restaurant and become a part of our familia, Remember “Mi Casa Tu Casa”.

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